The 16,000 year-old tradition of nature mysticism was brought to a height during the Inka Empire, 1100-1532 AD. This fascinating ORGANIC spiritual tradition teaches students how to interact with the Kausay Pacha, the world of 'living energies. The Inka language reflects their preoccupation with the "energy world" and human experiences of living energy. There is no such thing as "negative energy", only heavy energy called hoocha and rarefied energy called sami. Initiates are taught how to "eat" and "digest" or transform heavy energies that may lead to illness, depression, and conflict. Initiates are also taught to harmonize the poq'po, or human energy field, with the 5 elements and the forces of nature, leading to a high state of personal energy, happiness, and feeling connected to life. Elizabeth B. Jenkins

The Andean healing path is the deep connection and appreciation for the energies of nature, these ancient allies that are always there for us. Through the practice of honoring and exchanging energies with these sacred nature elements, the healing energies of nature, we clear our energy bodies, awakening and empowering our true selves.

By cleansing the energy body we can release blockages and restore balance, release stress, physical and emotional pain. Healing and great transformation are possible.

This a spectacular time to be alive, a time in which we get to know ourselves, to fully realize our potential and to know our connection to the infinite Cosmos. For many these practices have quickly hastened their spiritual development and overall cosmic worldview to a place of unconditional love for all.


I am also open and happy to  travel to do workshops.

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 pIn these workshops we work with the energy world to bring us to a place of balance, peace

and to know our place and purpose in this Cosmos.